Sunday, July 30, 2006

Apple-licious necklace

I uploaded this necklace onto my Etsy shop - Click here to buy $8.00 / £4.30

I just love this glass-blown apple!

Shiny glass apple on an 18 inch [45cm] silver-plated chain.

This necklace is just perfect to wear in the summer.

Measurements of glass apple
Height: 12mm
Width: 7mm

Opal-essence necklace

I added this to my shop on July 29th. Click here to buy $11.00 / £5.95

Opal focussed necklace with with glass opal beads and Swarovski bicone beads in white opal, olivine, crystal silver, light azure and aquamarine.

I found the white opal circular beads whilst on holiday in Barcelona, and wanted to create an icy-cool style piece with these as my focus beads.

I attached these and the Swarovski beads to a silver-plated chain at various random intervals - then attached this to a silver-plated chain.

White glass opal circular beads - 8mm
Swarovski bicone beads - 6mm
Length of pendant - 6cm
Length of silver-plated chain - 45.5cm [18 inches]

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Singapore Sling

Snake chain with 'pineapple' pendant £3.95
Snake chain - silver-plated / Beads - plastic

Phone, purse, zip 'pineapple' charms £1.95 each
Beads - plastic [charm on left has Swarovski bicone bead also]

'Pineapple' earrings £2.95
Earrings and findings - silver-plated / Beads - plastic

I bought these beads in Singapore a few years ago and they have lain in a zip-loc bag being uninspiring to me, until the weekend before my craft fair. Like a bolt of creative lightening a created the above - soon to be available on my Etsy shop - if you would like these now please email me.*

I love the cheery brightness and eighties retro of these accessories :)

*Shipping UK £1.00 1-2 days / Eur US$4.00 3-5 days / US & International US$4.00 5-7 days

Saturday 15th July

Me at my stall at the Miso Funky Craft Fair. Saturday 15th July, Hillhead Library, Byres Road, Glasgow 10am - 4pm.

A very enjoyable day - I sold my cherry earrings, necklace, iPod Nano covers and lots of badges. There will be lots more badges at my next stall as they were so very popular.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

iPod Nano / Gadget mitten cosy!

Presenting my iPod Nano mittens!! Made to keep your little Nano snuggly and warm, this little mitten will protect Nano from scratches and bumps.

I'm planning to make these in a whole range of colours, so if you'd prefer another colour just let me know - Email me. Most of the colour range available can be found in my shop - although I do have a few colours that I haven't yet tried.

I was also thinking of making two mittens and attaching them to each other with ribbon / i-cord - the idea being that they could be worn around the neck with the Nano in one as a kind of necklace - bringing back childhood memories of mittens on a string! Whaddya think?

Buy it here for $17.00 / £9.95 - free shipping if you mention this blog in the message section upon purchase [wait for adjusted Paypal invoice]

I made a fabby summer stripes one last night - however watching Big Brother and following my mitten pattern didn't quite work and it ended up being too wee - back to the beginning go I!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Feeatured Seller

My featured seller this week is Sew Easy Creations whose funky little washing-up liquid bottle aprons are so quirky!

I [obviously!] have a thing for cherries, and during my meanderings through Etsy I came across this fabulously simple, yet genius idea to stop the dribbles from running down your washing-up bottle and also dressing up a dull kitchen item.

She has lots of other fun designs in her shop, although the cherries is my fav. Take a look!

Loving it!!

Photos used with permission

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stitch Marker jewellery

These are my hot firey Swarovski stitch markers / jewellery! I made them because I was looking for a mobile storage solution for stitch markers, and the idea of them as 'charms' to a necklace or bracelet was the perfect solution.

I love the contrast between the firey Swarovski beads, and the jet black Swarovski accent bead. The accent bead is helpful to mark the beginning/end of a row when working on the round.

The aqua chain I felt just finished the piece off - it's such a vibrant contrast to firey markers.

As the stitch markers are removeable and come with a necklace / bracelet set it is entirely upto the wearer to decide how many stitch markers they need, and whether to wear just the necklace or bracelet - or both!

They are available for purchase via my Etsy shop for $18.00 / £10.00 - click here
Free shipping worldwide if you mention seeing them via this blog in the messages section. (I will send an adjusted Paypal invoice]

Hope that you like them!
Elaine x