Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Latest news 23rd Aug

Well I turned on my iMac at the weekend to print up some more buttons - nothing. Press the button - no response... Checked the plug, connections etc. etc - no response. My baby has had a little question mark on start-up for about 2 years now - guess the battery finally gave up the ghost. It's the first ever Bondi Blue iMac so it's served me well - but I do feel a little emotional.

Did I back up everything? Of course not. Most of it - but the badge images? Nope. The boy has a later iMac, so I checked the mains leads but no change. So I'm going to take the battery out and replace it with his - grab all my stuff of the hard-drive then it's probably recycle city for my baby :(

I'm a bit scared about replacing the battery - full instructions came with the iMac so presumably it is safe, otherwise they wouldn't have provided instructions - right? But it is filled with bolded type throughout the instructions saying things like: Do NOT move around the room in case you build up static ... do NOT touch the motherboard ... stay very still and hold your breath ... [OK so I made the last one up, but you get the gist]

On another note I got these fantastic adonised aluminium jump rings from the Ring Lord - a sample pack like this costs $3.00 with free Airmail shipping to the UK - I mentioned on the Etsy chat rooms whether anyone knew if coloured jump rings existed and one of the members linked to this site - amazing! The US has everything! I can't wait to use these for my jewellery-making. I also got some coloured Nibium jump rings, but they were too small to photograph properly.

And I made 2 iPod Nano covers [left] and an iPod cosy [right].

iPod Nano cosies - £5.70 / $10.00
Will fit:
iPod Nano dimensions: height 9.1cm, width 4cm, thickness 0.6cm

iPod cosy - £7.50 / $13.65.
Will fit:
iPod Video 30GB dimensions: height 10.4cm, width 6.1cm, thickness 1.1cm.
iPod Video 60GB dimensions: height 10.4cm, width 6.1cm, thickness 1.4cm.
iPod Photo 20 & 30GB dimensions: height 10.4cm, width 6.1cm, thickness 1.6cm.
iPod 20GB (4th gen. click wheel) dimensions: height 10.4cm, width 6.1cm, thickness 1.4cm.
iPod 20GB (3rd gen.) dimensions: height 10.4cm, width 6.1cm, thickness 1.6cm.

Again, I'm not going to list these on my Etsy shop until after the fair but if you like them and want to purchase them let me know!


At 6:50 PM, Blogger AmysBabies said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the rings L : )

At 6:17 PM, Blogger Super Jaca said...

Beautiful blog.

At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Nicola Fern said...

Hey Elaine,

It pains me somewhat to suggest it, but if your iMac is dead, you can have mine if it's useful to you...

It's a G3 400 with 384MB RAM and a 30GB hard drive - the DV version in grape. It's currently running OSX 10.3.9

I love it to bits but it's of minimal practical use to me at the moment. It's in pretty good nick though the screen *may* die at some point since it has occasional spasms of flickering.


At 4:07 AM, Blogger Adriene's Creations said...

Oooo, those rings are mesmerizing... I must get some myself!


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