Monday, September 18, 2006


Some pics from the latest Miso Funky stall : a lovely day with lots of complements about the jewellery I had made :)

Next one 21st Oct 2006, Hillhead library, Byres Road, Glasgow

Friday, September 08, 2006

2006 Fall Collection

Presenting SoCherry's Fall Collection 2006!

Cable-knit snug iPod cosies to keep your iPod toasty this fall, and to complement this seasons classic look - inspired by designers such as Alexander McQueen.

Coming to my Etsy shop soon!

Will fit iPod mini & iPod, or other similarly-sized gadgets.

iPod - Rose Pink & Citrine Green / iPod mini Burgandy Wine

iPod mini dimensions: height 9.1cm, width 5.1cm, thickness 1.4cm
iPod Video 30GB dimensions: height 10.4cm, width 6.1cm, thickness 1.1cm.
iPod Video 60GB dimensions: height 10.4cm, width 6.1cm, thickness 1.4cm.
iPod Photo 20 & 30GB dimensions: height 10.4cm, width 6.1cm, thickness 1.6cm.
iPod 20GB (4th gen. click wheel) dimensions: height 10.4cm, width 6.1cm, thickness 1.4cm.
iPod 20GB (3rd gen.) dimensions: height 10.4cm, width 6.1cm, thickness 1.6cm.

30 degree gentle machine wash - 100% cotton.

Can't wait? Email me to order with next day delivery [add one day for custom order / request colours available]

Monday, September 04, 2006

Latest news

The boy brought my iMac to life again by giving her a heart [battery] transplant with a heart donated from his machine. True love indeed :) And so I was able to print out more badges for the Miso Funky craft fair this weekend [Saturday 9th September 10am - 4pm, Hillhead Library, Byres Road, Glasgow, Scotland]

Do come along if you're in the area! - tonnes of pretty craftiness from funky designer folks.

"I love yarn" badges - £0.50 / US$0.95 plus postage [not much, probably about £0.60 / US$1.50] Designed for me by the boy - utterly fabulous! I love them!

My latest iPod Nano mittens: Salt n Pepa and Retro orange with brown pom-pom £9.95 / US$17.00 plus £0.52 [UK shipping] / $3.00 [Int. shipping]

Will fit an iPod Nano, phone or mp3 player of a similar size.
iPod Nano dimensions: height 9.1cm, width 4cm, thickness 0.6cm
Care instructions: 30 degree gentle wash.

More fabby badges designed by the boy :) This is a tribute to the evolution of Playstation controllers - £0.50 / US$0.95 each - just let me know which you would like; top, middle or bottom.

Mail me if you would like to buy any of these - or you can wait if you like - I will be updating my Etsy shop after the 9th Sept.

And finally ... a shout out to My Boutique - a wonderful Etsy seller who was so friendly to buy from. She sells lovely jewellery and brilliant bead supplies for the crafty bead addicts out there! Thank you again My Boutique! Great service!