Monday, August 28, 2006

New prettiness!

I've had a very productive weekend preparing for my next stall - the spiderman iPod cover has a darker more black/purple spider (the camera wasn't playing!) and is £7.50 / $13.65 - mail me if you would like it, as I'm not listing on Etsy until after the stall.

The top earrings are made using gold-plated earrings & findings, vintage metallic bronze 10mm beads and Swarovski citrine 4mm bicone beads. I love the autumn-al feel to these earrings. I haven't decided a price yet, but feel free to mail me.

The blue/green beads are made with silver-plated earrings & silver-plated & sterling-silver findings. The green and blue shapes are glass beads that I totally love for their eighties retro feel - I have a few more of these style beads and am planning a necklace to match. Again, no price yet, but if you want them mail me!


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