Tuesday, August 29, 2006

... and some more!

Woo-eee! Blogger let me post more pics! Bracelet above is me in an extremely autumnal mood - Plastic and glass beads on a jewellery-quality aluminum 7 inch chain with gold-plated extender adding another inch of length. It could also be shortened.

Fishy bead on a phone / zipper / bag charm - I LOVE this bead, it's so creative - made of glass with accent green seed beads at top and bottom.

This is a more modular piece - made with a large orange anodized aluminum jump ring on a silver-plated snake chain. The small purple jump rings are also anodized aluminum, with a big purple plastic rectangular bead and light amber faceted glass bead to the left.

I'm going to be taking lots for photos to list these for Etsy - so if anyone wants more pics / prices etc please don't hesitate to email me!

I forgot to say - for giant, clear pics --> click on pics and they will open in a new window. Move arrow off pics then over them - an icon will appear in the bottom right of the pic - click on this for original size.


At 4:48 PM, Blogger ├╝bercherry said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. you should definitely try to finish knitting up the drop stitch vest before it gets too cold to wear it (although it would look quite smart over a collared shirt methinks). i read about your laptop battery adventure - please let me know how that goes. i just inherited one of the old clamshell laptops from a friend (in orange!!!) and it needs a new battery too. i'm not sure where to even buy those batteries now other than online...{{sigh}}


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