Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stitch Markers

SoCherry stitch markers - currently sold but more are in production. Convo me if you'd like a set - available in small (upto 3.75mm needles), medum (upto 5mm needles) and large (upto 8mm needles) US$10.85 / £5.95

Set of 4 green leaf stitch markers with gold chain - upto 8mm needles - buy here US$10.50 / £5.60

Set of 5 dice stitch markers -don't gamble with your stitches! Upto 3.75mm needles. Buy here US$10.50 / £5.60

Set of 6 owl stitch markers for upto 5mm needles - a total hoot! Buy here US$15.00 / £8.00

I thought I'd show some of the handmade stitch markers I have designed. As an avid [utterly addicted!] knitter I have made these ensuring there are no 'snaggy' bits to catch on pretty yarn.

Each set also has a marker that is slightly different from the rest to highlight the start of the row, whilst the others can be used as a guide to pattern repeats.

I started designing the sock size stitch markers initially as I can never find any small enough for these projects.

I then moved onto outsize markers - as there seems to be a gap in the market for outsize markers as well.

Currently being researched are stitch markers for lace knitting - watch this space!

And for an update on how my crochet is doing see my blog

I plan to make 'featured sellers' a weekly highlight to my blog - watch this space for SoCherry's upcoming favourite sellers!


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