Thursday, June 22, 2006

SoCherry mp3 covers

Choccy-brown iPod cover with pink felt bounding rabbit. Buy here for US$12.35 / £6.95

Choccy brown retro iPod Nano cover with orange apple. Buy here US$8.75 / £4.95

Nautical but nice iPod Nano cosy with red anchor. Buy here US$8.75 / £4.95

Smiley sunshine iPod mini cover. Buy here US$10.95 / £5.95

These are a few of the covers I have designed and made for iPods. There are currently lots more in my Etsy store, and even more 'in production'

I can make them to fit most mp3 players, phones etc - just email me so if you see one you like but you have a different iPod/mp3, phone, or anything else you fancy just let me know!

I did a lot of research into the best design and found that the 'sock' was much better for ease of use whilst on the move.

100% cotton was the best yarn to knit with as it doesn't stretch or lose it's shape. This means that your cover will stay snug-fitting all the time. Another reason I decided to go with 100% cotton is that this will not scratch your precious [and expensive!] gadgets. [Animal fibres and felt have reportedly left small scratches on iPods]


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